With craftsman`s heart, create extraordinary products, excellent quality is our commitment

  • Smart devices

    Committed to providing high-quality power intelligent equipment with rich functions, beautiful and durable, it has been running stably in thousands of domestic projects

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  • Monitoring

    With the Internet of things technology, Eastland creates a professional monitoring platform to effectively solve customers` pain points and meet the needs of energy saving, safety and efficiency

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  • Expert services

    To provide users with distribution equipment inspection and maintenance, capacity expansion and upgrading, maintenance operation and other services, reduce management costs and improve work efficiency

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  • Solution

    It`s our mission to forge excellent solutions and solve the pain points of users

    Intelligent building

    CNOOC Building
    Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium
    Digital Beijing Building
    Galaxy SOHO
    Sheraton Beijing Hotel
    Mango headquarters building project
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    Key transportation application projects

    Beijing metro Line 1, 2, 4, Batong Line, airport Express line
    Beijing Daxing International Airport
    Xi 'an Xianyang Airport
    Chengdu Shuangliu Airport
    Kunming Changshui Airport
    Humen Port in Guangdong province
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    Data center

    Dr. Peng
    Ali Zhangbei Yunlian Data Center
    PetroChina Beijing Data Center
    China Construction Bank Beijing Production Base Data Center
    China Unicom Hohhot Cloud Data Center
    China Banknote Printing Corporation Desheng Data Center
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    Key application projects of precision manufacturing

    Beijing BOE
    Tianjin Zhonghuan Semiconductor Company
    CLP Precision Manufacturing Center
    Dalian Changxing Electronic City
    Hefei Dongying Dongxin Company
    Hefei Shuangwei Eastman Fiber Company
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    Key application projects of Municipal Engineering

    The Building of the NPC Standing Committee
    Underground pipe gallery of Changning New District, Xi 'an
    Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
    The third water Plant of Beijing Tap Water Group Corporation
    Beijing Friendship Hospital
    Palace Museum
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    Key application projects of industrial energy

    Sinopec Puguang Gas Field
    Shaanxi Future Energy
    Beijing Benz Automobile Production Base
    Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Offshore Engineering Company
    Xilinhot Second Power Plant Project
    Beijing Sany Heavy Machinery
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  • Committed to providing users with energy efficiency management, safe operation, expert services overall solution

    The company cooperates with many domestic and foreign scientific research institutions and well-known enterprises to provide high-quality electrical intelligent products and services

  • 1985Year Founded in 2000
  • 90+term Obtained hundreds of national patents and software copyrights
  • 1land There are branches all over the country
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